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This tentacled creation – half-squid, half-inanimate-block – could've been dreamt up by a 20th-century surrealist. In fact, it is one of artist Jeff Soto's recurring characters – in this mural, it appears to be gleefully dissecting the great white shark.

The great white shark – deconstructed!

The majestic great white shark can be found in the deep waters off Hawaii, making this a fitting subject for a mural in Honolulu. Though, if you look carefully, you'll see one Hawaiian who must regret ever meeting one of these apex predators.

The artists' signature

Nychos and Jeff Soto are artists from Austria and Los Angeles respectively. They are renowned for their brightly-colored illustrative works that adorn walls and canvases all over the world.

Is that a paint roller?

Just like the duo who created this mural, the tentacled creature appears to be something of an artist itself.

Shark Mural, Nychos and Jeff Soto, Hawaii, 2013

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