Black and White Italian Flag

Loredana Di Lillo2010-01-01/2010-01-01


Milano, Italy

Black & White Italian Flag, the title of the work, represents an Italian flag with altered measures and colors compared to the tones codified by the official laws. The reference colors that refer to the Pantone scale: the green 18-5642TC (bright green grass), the white 11-4201TC (milk white) and the red 18-1660TC (tomato red) were tacked, to turn the vision of the tricolor into a black and white flag, assuming three different shades of gray. The flag is thus transformed into an image, as if it were a photocopy while remaining a sculpture. Stitched by hand as a sheet, the work tries to bring us back to a rural Italy, that of the post-war period. An attempt to criticize and reflect on the present inevitably leads us to relate and preserve our past.

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  • Title: Black and White Italian Flag
  • Creator: Loredana Di Lillo
  • Date: 2010-01-01/2010-01-01
  • Location: Cardi Black Box, Milan
  • working and living place of the artist: Milan
  • Provenance: Courtesy Cardi Black Box, Milan
  • Type: Sculpture
  • External Link: http://italianarea.it/artista.php?artista=DILO