Ceiling Execution Chamber

Nicolaes de Helt Stockade1655

Royal Palace Amsterdam

Royal Palace Amsterdam

The Maid of Amsterdam sits on a celestial cloud holding the attributes of Lady Justice: a set of scales and the staff with the all-seeing eye. Her gown is adorned with the three Saint Andrew’s crosses of the city’s coat of arms. Above her head, putti hold the imperial crown. The Maid is surrounded by three personifications: Wisdom (dressed in white), Good Governance (in green) and Temperance (in yellow). Temperance and Wisdom are driving away the cloud of Avarice and the Serpent of Evil and Envy. Below the cloud, two harpies are dragging the three vices down.

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  • Title: Ceiling Execution Chamber
  • Date Created: 1655
  • Place Part Of: Netherlands
  • Display: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Description: Oil on Canvas
  • Artist: Nicolaes Van Helt Stockade
  • Type: Painting
  • Rights: © Stichting Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam. Photo: Wim Ruigrok., © Stichting Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam

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