Hubert Gerhard

1540 - 1620

Hubert Gerhards was a Dutch sculptor. Like many of his contemporaries, he may have left the Netherlands in order to escape the religious conflicts and iconoclasm of the 1566–1567 era. He trained in Florence in the circle of Giambologna, who heavily influenced his style. Gerhard's dominant subject-matter, characteristic of many Northern Mannerist artists, was the mythological gods of antiquity.
Gerhard's early patrons, the Fugger banking family of Augsburg, returned to patronage of the arts around 1580. Their castle at Kirchheim included works by him including a mantelpiece, bronze ornaments for the fountain of Mars and Venus, and a dense bronze on a base bordered by fantastic terms. Gerhard also added bronze sculptures to the Augustus fountain by Adriaen de Vries erected to commemorate the 1600th anniversary of the establishment of Augsburg by Emperor Augustus. The four rivers of the city are represented by the statues of four river gods around the basin of the fountain. When the Florentine-based artist Friedrich Sustris became the artistic superintendent for Wilhelm V, Duke of Bavaria, he lured Gerhard to Munich, where the sculptor resided from 1584 to 1597.
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