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The White Project, BA Fashion
The White Project is the longest standing project on BA Fashion at Central Saint Martins. It runs in the Autumn term of the first year and asks design students from the five pathways Womenswear, Menswear, Fashion Design with Marketing, Fashion Knitwear and Fashion Print to create their first garment using only calico or white felt. They are given a choice of themes to interpret. The project culminates in The White Show - a fashion show for staff and students of BA Fashion organised by BA Fashion communication staged in the last week of term before Christmas. 2016’s concept was White Thursday as the show fell the day before landmark Christmas shopping event, Black Friday. The show was supported by L’Oréal Professionnel.

WHITE SHOW 2016, « White Thursday » PRESS RELEASE

Since becoming a major social and economic event, Black Friday has been the epicenter of 7 deaths and 98 injuries in total, showcasing scenes of extreme violence and ignorance. Thousands of people flock like sheep to the shops on the first Friday of November with one aim in mind; find a bargain, and do whatever it takes to own it. It is an event that glorifies consumerism in its highest form where customers leave all dignity and morality at the door in pursuit of the gratification that comes with being a part of this circus, this grotesque play that promises fulfillment of participating in this bargain-hunting group. The irony within this is that whilst they run like herds, there is no unity – in fact it’s quite the opposite.

This year’s White Show is a reinterpretation of the anarchy and ridiculousness that Black Friday brings. Moreover, the students from Central Saint Martins are looking for a solution to bring back on stage, as a global and artistic performance, the notions of individuality, creation and uniqueness. On the 8th of December 2016, Central Saint Martins presents the annual show where design students showcase one outfit each, created solely in white. From the catwalk to the actual garments, through the juxtaposition of fashion and art performance, live music band bringing life and intimacy to the whole contradictive theme, this year’s show symbolizes a place of extreme emotions and actions that could lead to something either extraordinary or terrifying.
The White Show itself deals with the theme of Black Friday, its criticism and the idea of radical and emotionless consumerism. The second and third floors will be the centre of the focus - creating an unrestricted access and viewing platform for the audience with viewpoints all over the building. The lighting, placed on the side of each bridge, will play a crucial role in the setting and its theatrical dimension. The two symmetrical routes, starting from each edge of the two floors, see the models pass each other at the same time on the middle bridge to signify a sense of unity and coming together; a stark contrast to the initial performance which sees consumerism rear its ugly head in the most violent of ways. The White Show itself acts as a constant reminder of the shallow emptiness behind mindless capitalism and the importance of individuality

White Thursday Invitation, The White Project 2016

BA Fashion staff are invited each year with a formal invite designed by the BA Fashion Communication students.

White Thursday Running Order

140 designs were showcased from the 5 design pathways: BA Fashion Womenswear, Menswear, Fashion Design with Marketing, Knitwear and Print.

White Thursday Designs
Prior to the show each garment was photographed. The following is a selection of those images.


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