Biblioteca Pública Estadual do Ceará

Biblioteca Pública Estadual do Ceará

The State Public Library of Ceará - BECE - is a cultural and educational institution founded by the Ceará Government, managed by the Dragão do Mar Institute, of public interest, open to the entire population of Ceará, which aims to contribute to the access to knowledge, culture, information, training of readers and leisure for all citizens, providing collections and services.

Located in the city of Fortaleza, capital of the state of Ceará, the BECE is an institution of memory, safekeeping, and access to the bibliographic heritage of Ceará since its creation. It is the largest, in terms of quantity and historical importance of its collection, and the oldest library in Ceará. Founded in 1867, the BECE, in the year of its 155th anniversary celebrations, expands its institutional boundaries through Google Arts and Culture, presenting to the Brazilian and foreign public part of the rich documental collection that constitutes it.

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Menezes Pimentel Public Library GovernorAv. Pres. Castelo Branco, 255 - Moura Brasil
Fortaleza - CE
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