Ceará Women and The Way of Making Literature [Sector Ceará Collection]

The exhibition brings together works by Ceará's women authors from the 19th and 20th centuries, allowing the recognition of their strengths and characteristics through literature

A Casa Cover (details) (2011) by Natércia CamposBiblioteca Pública Estadual do Ceará

Natércia Campos

Born in Fortaleza on September 30th, 1938, and died in Fortaleza on June 2nd, 2004.   A writer of "great expressive force", as stated by Coelho in the Critical Dictionary of Brazilian Women Writers (2002).   

In the 1980s, she entered the literary scene by publishing some short stories in the literary supplement of the newspaper O Povo de Fortaleza. A Escada (The Stairs) was her first short story published in 1987 and won first place in the Sudameris Literary Contest. She was elected to the Academia Cearense de Letras (Ceará Academy of Letters),  in 2002.

A Casa Front matter (details) (2011) by Natércia CamposBiblioteca Pública Estadual do Ceará

In 1998, Natércia published her first novel A Casa, and was awarded the Osmundo Pontes Literature Prize.  The novel has as a character the house itself, which is a kind of storyteller.  

Being a character, A Casa narrates in a poetic language her memories about the life of a family from the northeastern Brazilian backlands, exposing the experiences that take place inside the house as well as the peculiarities of the region. 

To compose this narrative, Natércia made a study of the popular culture of Ceará, of the oral and religious traditions, bringing elements that protagonize human experiences. 

Em sonho...fantasias Cover (2017) by Alba ValdezBiblioteca Pública Estadual do Ceará

Alba Valdez

Alba Valdez is the pseudonym of Maria Rodrigues Peixe, born in Vila de São Francisco de Uruburetama, today known as Itapajé (CE).   eacher, journalist, writer and feminist, was published in newspapers, magazines and books. Founded and presided over the Ceará Feminist League (Liga Feminista Cearense) in 1904.

Alba Valdez was the first woman to join the Ceará Academy of Letters (Academia Cearense de Letras), in 1937. 

Em sonho...fantasias Front matter (2017) by Alba ValdezBiblioteca Pública Estadual do Ceará

Em sonho...fantasias

The book was published in 1901, as part of a collection of chronicles and short stories already published previously in the press. There are 37 short narratives written in a soft language, having as leitmotiv the presence of nature and all the symbolism it expresses. 

Some of these narratives were translated to Swedish and French. 

Samambaia Cover (2009) by Antônia Sampaio FontesBiblioteca Pública Estadual do Ceará

Antônia Sampaio Fontes

Born in Baturité, on February 24th, 1884 and died on March 2nd, 1963. Her poems were collected and published posthumously by her grandson Eduardo Fontes, in two books: Relíquias do Coração and Samambaia: poesias.

Samambaia Front matter (details) (2009) by Antônia Sampaio FontesBiblioteca Pública Estadual do Ceará

Samambaia: poesias 

Book with 171 pages, edited by Expressão Gráfica Editora, 2009, Fortaleza. The book presents themes such as nature, love, longing and faith. 

O Mundo de Flora Cover (1990) by Angela GutiérrezBiblioteca Pública Estadual do Ceará

Angela Gutiérrez

Born on January 23rd, 1945, in Fortaleza. Professor at the Federal University of Ceará (UFC), writer and the first woman the chair the Academia Cearense de Letras (Ceará Academy of Letters), for the period of 2019-2020.

O Mundo de Flora Signed front matter (details) (1990) by Angela GutiérrezBiblioteca Pública Estadual do Ceará

O Mundo de Flora 

Angela Gutiérrez's debut novel written around 1982, but not published until 1990. The narrative is about the story of Flora, a thirty-three-year-old woman, who reminisces about her childhood and is confronted with her fears, her experiences, and her dreams.

The story mixes the good and bad memories of the past involving the different generations of the family, especially the women. Flora's imagination fits many simple and complex things, having as leitmotif the fear transiting between life and death.

O Mundo de Flora is a novel that raises discussions about themes such as death, religion, prejudice, racism, education, and politics. The narrative is structured in short chapters, snippets of the characters' lives, in a non-linear timeframe.

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