Insect Museum of West China

Insect Museum of West China
Chengdu, China


The insect is loved for its colorful and ever-changing appearance by human beings. Located in Mountain Qingcheng near Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, Insect Museum of West China is the first modern insect museum of the country and the biggest insect museum in Asia. It was founded by Chinese entomologist ZHAO Li and has collected more than 700,000 pieces of insect specimens, among which include many unique species in China.

Insect Museum of West China collects thousands of valuable butterflies and ornamental insects from more than 40 countries on six continents, including the largest and smallest insect species in the world, the world's oldest fossils of ants and bees, and various insect fossils of dinosaur era. It is regarded as the museum that collects the most kinds of Chinese butterfly in the world by international academic circles. In addition to the specimens, the Museum has many research materials, including photographs, documents, artworks, etc.

Insect Museum of West China has been studying the Chinese butterflies as well as other precious insects for a long time, and is working hard to build new pavilions and show more collections to audiences in cooperation with institutions that can provide free venues or free land. We hope to provide an opportunity for the general public, especially teenagers, to appreciate the beauty of nature and to explore the essence of life by displaying insects in a both scientific and artistic way.

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Insect Museum of West ChinaQingcheng Road, Qingcheng Shan Town
Dujiangyan City
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