La Triennale di Milano

Milano, Italy

La Triennale di Milano is the “Triennal exhibition of modern decorative and industrial arts and of modern architecture”, which was established in 1933 after ten years during which four similar biennial exhibitions were held in Monza, a mirror and driving force of Italian culture and society, which played decisive role in the transition from an historicist culture, deeply hinged on the tradition of craftsmanship, to a new manufacturing and societal set-up, one closely linked to developments in technology and industrial innovation.

La Triennale di Milano is the only venue worldwide for exhibitions and events dedicated to architecture, design and craftsmanship, and is also one of the most functional and original buildings around, designed by Giovanni Muzio with that clear aim in mind. The offices of the institute are in a building built in 18 months from autumn 1931 to spring 1933 with the precise purpose of hosting exhibitions and has continued to be very active in the fields of architecture, design and applied arts in the past 80 years, always in tune with world events in any way related to those fields and in the socio political, technological, aesthetic and scientific realm.

La Triennale di Milano is a witness and “popular conscience” of all developments in the designer world of the 20th century, and has risen to the status of meeting venue for projects in the balance between the old and new world, between the West and East, between futuristic momentum and the heritage of craftsmanship, globally on the landscape of international culture. Foreign participation to the Triennale, from the very beginning high in number, has played an important role of serving as a platform for comparison and exchange between different national and local experiences, while the theme-based exhibitions (usually introductory) have made room for more detailed information, for critical and historical inquiry and for theoretical and designer research.

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La Triennale di MilanoViale Emilio Alemagna, 6
20121 Milano MI
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