Unknown Unknowns

The thematic show of the 23rd International Exhibition

Unknown Unknowns. An Introduction to Mysteries (2022)Triennale Milano

Unknown Unknowns is the nerve center of the 23rd International Exhibition: more than 100 works and installations by international artists, researchers and designers deal with the unknown.

Unknown Unknowns. An Introduction to Mysteries (2022)Triennale Milano

What do we actually know about the Universe? Unknown Unknowns seeks to answer a series of questions about what we still "don't know we don't know": from the evolution of the city to the oceans, from genetics to astrophysics. 

Unknown Unknowns. An Introduction to Mysteries (2022) by Irene StracuzziTriennale Milano

A profound experience that combining art and science and involving designers, architects, artists, philosophers and modern thinkers, gives the possibility to overthrow our idea of the world.

Allestimento Unknown Unknowns (2022) by Space CaviarTriennale Milano

Do we truly understand gravity? In line with the themes of Unknown Unknowns and with a view to reuse and sustainability, the staging for the show is wholly created with 3D printing. It was produced in the exhibition spaces of Triennale by large printers.

Yuri Suzuki, Sound of the Earth: Chapter 3 (2022)Triennale Milano

What is the sound of the Earth? The show includes a special work by Japanese artist Yuri Suzuki, a project that creates changing soundscapes from across our world to break down cultural borders.

Unknown Unknowns. An Introduction to Mysteries, mostra tematica della 23ª Esposizione Internazionale (2022) by SOMTriennale Milano

What architectural structures are essential for survival in space? Decalogue for Space Architecture by SOM provides a set of guiding principles for all who seek to define the next generation of space architecture.

Unknown Unknowns. An Introduction to Mysteries (2022) by Refik AnadolTriennale Milano

What is the destiny of the Milky Way? Using new media, Refik Anadol's work proposes an aesthetic conceptualization of galactic collision in a sublime digital play of light and color. 

Particular matter(s) (2022) by Tomás SaracenoTriennale Milano

The show also includes site-specific installations, including Tomás Saraceno's Particular matter(s), a composition of light and air, in which trillions of molecules collide and disperse, creating a sound inaudible to the human ear and shaping a microscopic world of their own.

Unknown Unknowns. An Introduction to Mysteries (2022)Triennale Milano

In a world of practicality and industrial objects, the exhibition enables visitors to reflect and question about the world we live in.

Credits: Story

Curated by: Ersilia Vaudo, astrophysicist and Chief Diversity Officer of the European Space Agency
Exhibition design: Space Caviar, Wasp

Photos by DSL Studio, © Triennale Milano

Credits: All media
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