Museo Pedagógico de Aragón

Museo Pedagógico de Aragón
Huesca, Spain

The Pedagogical Museum of Aragon (Museo Pedagógico de Aragón) was founded in 2006. Its aspiration was to become a research museum; a documentation center; and a reference point for interpreting the key aspects in the process of building academic institutions, and for learning about the history of schooling and education in Aragon.

Its permanent exhibition explores political impositions on education, educational advances, the development of didactic resources, and the importance of teaching as a profession, with the help of numerous items from schools and teacher training centers in Aragon. Walking around the museum's rooms takes visitors on a journey through the past century, when children became the main focus in schools. The first few decades of the 20th century saw the start of what was known as the Golden Age of Pedagogy, which would shape educational policy in Spain until the outbreak of the Civil War in 1936.

The Pedagogical Museum preserves over 16,000 inventoried exhibits. The collection is primarily historical and pedagogical, comprising bibliographic works, old administrative documentation, and ethnographic items, such as traditional games and toys, furniture, and office equipment. The bulk of the collection is made up of didactic resources from different eras and a large proportion of school materials. The majority of the bibliographic works are school textbooks, compendiums, and encyclopedias. Highlights include the collection of old textbooks, publications relating to different education plans and policy, and the collection of children's comics and comic strips. Other pieces of clear historic value are those related to technological advances since the start of the 20th century, which transport visitors back to the origins of cinema and photography. Retrieved from major Aragonese teaching institutes, which preserved them as pedagogical resources, these items include audio documents on magnetic tape and disc, projectors and film reels, projection plates, typewriters, tape recorders, cameras, and photographs.

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Museo Pedagógico de AragónPlaza Luis López Allué
22001 Huesca
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