Museu Nacional da República

Museu Nacional da República
Brasília, Brazil

The National Museum of the Republic (Museu Nacional da República) is a public cultural equipment managed by the Department of Culture and Creative Economy of the Federal District, non-profit, at the service of the community and its development. The MUSEU acquires, preserves, researches, communicates, and exhibits the material and immaterial heritage of the Brazilian society.
The MUSEU is part of the Republic's Cultural Group and is designed by Oscar Niemeyer. It is federally protected (Ordinance No. 55 of June 6, 2017 published in the D.O.U. of June 7, 2017) and inscribed ex-officio in the Federal District's Book of Tombo, according to Law No. 47/1989.

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Museu Nacional da RepúblicaSetor Cultural Sul, Lote 2
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