'Buffalo and the Siouxies', Alice Lara

'Búfalo e os Siouxie' ('Resistance' series), Alice Lara, 2017, oil on canvas, from the collection of Museu Nacional da República

BUFALO E OS SIOUXIE by ALICE LARAMuseu Nacional da República

The painting 'Búfalo e os Siouxie' is part of the 'Resistance' series, in which artist Alice Lara draws parallels between groups of animals and minority groups that suffer oppression, but adopt strategies of resistance. 

In this work, Alice approaches the North American buffaloes that, despite the advance of urbanization and human occupation, resist in their territories - as well as the Siouxie indigenous people, who consider these animals sacred.

An important aspect present in all the works of the 'Resistance' series is the collectivity with which animals present themselves, demonstrating their capacity for internal organization even in the face of human abandonment and exploitation.

For the artist, the series represents an 'important turn' in her technique, as she began experimenting with the materiality of paint... 

...for example, adding wax to the medium, in order to obtain specific volumes and textures.

BUFALO E OS SIOUXIE by ALICE LARAMuseu Nacional da República

Alice Lara (1987 -) was born in the Federal District, graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Brasília and Master in Arts from USP, currently lives in São Paulo. 

BUFALO E OS SIOUXIE by ALICE LARAMuseu Nacional da República

Developing her artistic research since 2009, the artist has several group and individual exhibitions in her curriculum, as well as awards and distinctions. He has works in the collections of the Museum of Art in Rio and the National Museum of the Republic, in Brasília.

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