Museu da Pessoa

Museu da Pessoa
São Paulo, Brazil

Every human being, whether anonymous or famous, has the right to immortalize his or her story and integrate it to social memory.

That idea gave rise to the Museum of the Person – a digital museum that connects people and groups through their stories. Founded in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1991, the Museum of the Person is now an international network with initiatives in Portugal, the U.S.A., and Canada.

Since its creation, the Museum of the Person has been a civil society organization working to record, preserve and transform into information the life stories of each and every person in society. Using its own
methodologies, it captures, organizes and edits contents that are later disseminated through publications, radio and TV programs, exhibitions, and at the portal

With programs in the areas of institutional memory, education, communication, and community development, the Museum of the Person has conducted about 200 memory projects aimed at multiplying
and democratizing its methodology and its collection, which includes some 17 thousand life stories.

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São Paulo
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