Age of thinking part 1

By Museu da Pessoa

Family foundation (1990) by Alaerte MachadoMuseu da Pessoa

"Each story in this collection carries a universe of sensations. Each narrative is an expression of life full of particularities. Listening to another conversation about you is one of the strongest and most exciting exercises. And when we stop to listen to the elderly in cases that contain the strength to think at this age, how memory traces their ways of resisting. Rescuing a life course through orality is a statement of self-esteem and a possibility of timeless registration. The old man's face carries a vastness of landscapes, every trace of time carries a vivid memory. The process of revisiting as memories is also an act of creation: remembering to record and edit a memory, creating new possibilities and readings for those who went. In video editing, I sought to dialogue with this strategy of remembering, punctuating or skipping in each narrative as a guiding thread to dive into the other, without finding resonance with the past. A spark of life is reborn with all recovered memory." Cristiano Burlan 

The brothers in the beach. (1960) by Hélio Cesário CardosoMuseu da Pessoa


Dentist dread by Cristiano BurlanMuseu da Pessoa

Burials and balloons by Cristiano Burlan Renato MaiaMuseu da Pessoa

Trip to the museum (1951) by Heiguiberto Guiba Della Bella NavarroMuseu da Pessoa

I think I had a really good childhood. I played a lot of football, played marbles, played jokes. And my whole life I was in love with football, so I played a lot of ball, when it was morning, in the afternoon, whenever I had the opportunity I played.

Tricks by Cristiano BurlanMuseu da Pessoa

Birthday girl (1956) by Eugenia Cristina Godoy de Jesus ZerbiniMuseu da Pessoa

Every birthday was like: "What do you want for dinner"? And I would reply "Estrogonofe".
My parents invited some people, but there was more grown-ups than there was children, I did not like kids very much as a child. I loved the gifts that I won, although they never guessed what I wanted to win, anyway, it was cool.

My father was a comunist by Cristiano BurlanMuseu da Pessoa

Upper class boys by Cristiano BurlanMuseu da Pessoa

The interns (1968) by Carlos Andreu OrtizMuseu da Pessoa


Life in boarding school by Cristiano BurlanMuseu da Pessoa

I am the son of a divorced woman by Cristiano BurlanMuseu da Pessoa

Bathing suits by Euclides CarliMuseu da Pessoa

I liked to prank others. Mostly over the phone. But the parish goes down, so everyone already knows when it's a prank call and when it's not a prank call. It lost the fun, right? It's because trotting is a very interesting thing, sometimes you give certain messages that aren't prank calls, which is why I like it so much.

The sinner by Cristiano BurlanMuseu da Pessoa

Life is fascinating by Cristiano BurlanMuseu da Pessoa

Graduation waltz (1957) by Ednéa MartinsMuseu da Pessoa

Me and my brother were always raised like:"We have to study!" My mother greatly valued this issue of you being a student, doing well in school, so the school was a very nice and challenging space.

The dance by Cristiano BurlanMuseu da Pessoa

Things of that time by Cristiano Burlan Renato MaiaMuseu da Pessoa

My parents in Poços de Caldas (1976) by José Arnone FilhoMuseu da Pessoa

Credits: Story


Curated by:
Cristiano Burlan
Lucas Ferreira de Lara
Renato Maia

Video editing:
Cristiano Burlan
Renato Maia

Collection research:
Felipe Rocha
Renata Pante

Content organization:
Julia Thon
Raphaela Russi

Texts and translation:
Julia Thon
Raphaela Russi

Photographs and videos: Acervo/Museu da Pessoa

Credits: All media
The story featured may in some cases have been created by an independent third party and may not always represent the views of the institutions, listed below, who have supplied the content.
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