Age of thinking part 2

Time to listen, reflect and learn.

Family foundation (1990) by Alaerte MachadoMuseu da Pessoa

"Each story in this collection carries a universe of sensations. Each narrative is an expression of life full of particularities. Listening to another conversation about you is one of the strongest and most exciting exercises. And when we stop to listen to the elderly in cases that contain the strength to think at this age, how memory traces their ways of resisting. Rescuing a life course through orality is a statement of self-esteem and a possibility of timeless registration. The old man's face carries a vastness of landscapes, every trace of time carries a vivid memory. The process of revisiting as memories is also an act of creation: remembering to record and edit a memory, creating new possibilities and readings for those who went. In video editing, I sought to dialogue with this strategy of remembering, punctuating or skipping in each narrative as a guiding thread to dive into the other, without finding resonance with the past. A spark of life is reborn with all recovered memory." Cristiano Burlan 

Maria Emilia getting out of the car for her wedding ceremony. (1973)Museu da Pessoa


Wedding anniversary by Guilherme de BritoMuseu da Pessoa

At the time of the wedding, she (my wife) had no wedding dress. There was a friend of mine who one day asked, "How is your bride's dress?" I said, "She has no dress. She's going to marry in ordinary clothes." He replied, "No, she's going to have wedding dress for sure." And he made a very nice dress for her and she was dressed as a bride thanks to him.

I met at the barbecue by Cristiano Burlan and Renato MaiaMuseu da Pessoa

You may kiss the bride (1969) by Jack LondonMuseu da Pessoa

We have had two separate and absolutely divergent marriages. I did a traditional wedding, in the synagogue. It was a very big pressure from my mother, because I did not want to go in a suit. And she almost died because I was not going to the wedding suit!

Unfinished dream by Cristiano Burlan and Renato MaiaMuseu da Pessoa

Bride and groom toast (1965) by Ana Maria Zamataro de Aguiar PupoMuseu da Pessoa

My first cooking experience was very funny. The first time I made dinner for my husband, I went to make steak, I took the seasoning out of ten steaks, pieced together, and seasoned in only two. When my husband, poor thing, went on to taste the steak, he said: "It's a bit salty, but it's tasty." He ate the steak that was inedible.

The wounds heal by Cristiano Burlan Renato MaiaMuseu da Pessoa

Working at the shop by Karina da Silva ScheyerMuseu da Pessoa


One day is bad and another is better by Cristiano Burlan Renato MaiaMuseu da Pessoa

Salesmen (1952) by Hélio Cesário CardosoMuseu da Pessoa

I also worked in the vehicle sector, especially in the industry parts. I even bought parts for the department. It had a part, had a workshop counter, had a workshop, not only of vehicles, but also of domestic appliances.

My ex student by Cristiano Burlan and Renato MaiaMuseu da Pessoa

The women of the family by Maria Aparecida Toledo de AlmeidaMuseu da Pessoa


Akiyama family photo by Yoshico AkiyamaMuseu da Pessoa

The arrival of my parents from Japan to Brazil was due to the difficult economic situation in Japan at that time. Arriving here, the disappointment was tremendous and so was the desire to return the same day, too. However, they never succeeded. And here I was born.

My family was special by Cristiano Burlan and Renato MaiaMuseu da Pessoa

I am a person too by Cristiano Burlan and Renato MaiaMuseu da Pessoa

I just wanted to raise my children well by Cristiano Burlan and Renato MaiaMuseu da Pessoa

Grandparents by Edith de Almeida BernardesMuseu da Pessoa

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Cristiano Burlan
Lucas Ferreira de Lara
Renato Maia

Video editing:
Cristiano Burlan
Renato Maia

Collection research:
Felipe Rocha
Renata Pante

Content organization:
Julia Thon
Raphaela Russi

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Julia Thon
Raphaela Russi

Photographs and videos: Acervo/Museu da Pessoa

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