Museum for Industrial Culture, Nuremberg Municipal Museums

Museum for Industrial Culture, Nuremberg Municipal Museums
Nürnberg, Germany

The Museum for Industrial Culture presents the history of industrialization through the example of Nuremberg, once the "industrial heart" of Bavaria. Industrialization has long been recognized as a historical force that has largely shaped people’s lives right down to today. Hand crafting lost importance; the factory became the epitome of the age. That's why, at the Museum for Industrial Culture, it's the lives of people at every level of society that provide the starting point for an expanded concept of culture: their everyday routines – their living and working conditions – their ways of partying, learning, relaxing – their art and culture – the connections between their public and private lives. Thus the Museum for Industrial Culture especially highlights the formative era of industrialization, leading visitors down through the years from 1835 to today.
The Museum for Industrial Culture is part of the network of the Nuremberg Municipal Museums, which includes the following institutions: Albrecht-Dürer-Haus, Museum Tucher Mansion and Hirsvogel Hall, City Museum at Fembo House, Art Collections, Toy Museum, Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds, Memorium Nuremberg Trials, German Games Archive, World War II Art Bunker and Medieval Dungeons.

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Museum of Industrial CultureÄußere Sulzbacher Str. 62
90491 Nürnberg
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