Museu Lasar Segall

Museu Lasar Segall
São Paulo, Brazil

The Museu Lasar Segall, idealized by Jenny Klabin Segall - the widow of Lasar Segall - was created as a non-profit association in 1967 by her sons Mauricio Segall and Oscar Klabin Segall. It is housed in the artist's former residence and atelier, designed in 1932 by his brother-in-law, the Russian-born architect Gregori Warchavchik. In 1985, the Museum was incorporated in the Fundação Nacional Pró-Memória, now integrating the Instituto Brasileiro de Museus - IBRAM of the Ministry of Culture, as a special unit. In addition to its museum collection, the Museum is a center for cultural activities, offering programs of guided visits, courses in the areas of engraving, photography and literary creation, cinema projection, and also houses a large library specialized in performing arts and photography. The Museum, as a federal body, is supported by the Associação Cultural de Amigos do Museu Lasar Segall - ACAMLS, a non-profit civil society, made possible by the collaboration of public and private institutions, as well as individuals who cooperate with the Museum.

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Museu Lasar SegallRua Berta, 111 - Vila Mariana
São Paulo
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