Pokfulam Village Cultural Landscape Conservation Group

Hong Kong

Pokfulam Village Cultural Landscape Conservation Group (PFLV-CLCG) was established in 1st Jan, 2009 by local villagers. The group is formed to study, initiate, educate and monitor the conservation of the cultural landscape of and around Pokfulam Village. The cultural landscape areas cover (but not limited to) Pokfulam Village, Pokfulam Reservoir, Pokfulam Country Park, Southern Part of Mount Kellet, Historical Diary Farm sites. The conservation subjects comprise tangible heritage, intangible heritage and landscape within the cultural landscaping areas.

The Group’s major activities comprise document the heritage and cultural landscape of the region; publish documents and research findings; promote the philosophy of the importance of Cultural landscape conservation of the region; advocate the government to list Dairy Farm Relics as Listed Monument or Temporary Monument; advocate government to preserve the cultural landscaping of Pokfulam Village and the Colonial Context; and
advocate government to support village’s traditional events, such as Fire Dragon Dancing and Sending Rituals, Li Ling Divine festival, etc.

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