Comune di Ripacandida

Comune di Ripacandida
Ripacandida, Italy

Ripacandida, in the land of saints and brigands.
The story begins with the discovery of the Pythagorean jug which testifies to the settlement of Ripacandida already in the VII sec.a.C and is a strongly characterizing element of the town; what has emerged from the studies on this discovery is not simply linked to the discovery of an archaeological find itself but also to the certainty that it is a real exclusive trademark of this place. From then Ripacandida will discover his true vocation, religious and rebellious, wich from his saints and blessed will pass through the proud brigands until he reaches the characters who have given him prestige. In the religious world Ripacandida can boast san Donato the youngest saint of Basilicata dead at the age of 19 years and protector of Auletta. Suor Maria di Gesù, prioress of the cloistered convent of the Carmelites in Ripacandida, spiritual reference of san Gerardo Maiella and Sant’alfonso dei Liguori; San Mariano and San Laviero, whose origins are disputed by different towns.
Even the third crusade has traces of Ripacandida: in fact the feudal Ruggero Marescalchi participated with other noble in the war for the liberation of the Holy Land.
Ripacandida was the town where has been consummated one of the very first episodes related to the post unitary riots that generated the phenomenon of Brigandage.
In the medical field it is worth mentioning the figure of Leopoldo Chiari, prince of surgeons; in the field of law, the figure of Andrea Molfese a famous jurist and ecclesiastic who lived in the sixteenth century; in the field of physics William Donato Phillips, Nobel prize 1997.
Finally we cannot forget the natural treasures housed in the municipal villa such as the majestic Pinus Halepensis of about five hundred years, three Californian sequoias and a beautiful lime tree outside, guarding the Church of San Donato.

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Ripacandida85020 Ripacandida, Province of Potenza
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