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Ripacandida (1600)Comune di Ripacandida

The art gallery 

Placed inside the Town Hall, the Art Gallery consists of 102 works, kindly donated by artists of clear national repute.

Overview by Various authorsComune di Ripacandida

Opened in 2011, the Gallery is housed in what were the cells of the cloistered nuns of the Carmelite convent, a place of prayers and meditation so dear to St.Gerard Maiella and St.Alphonsus dei Liguori

Overview by Various authorsComune di Ripacandida

Thanks to the work of one of our fellow citizen and artist, Vito Miroballi, in these environments that best express the fertile place of spiritual culture that was the town, an outpost has emerged that is well representative of the three fundamental forms of artistic representation, the imitative, informative and decorative, which develops along the path of humanity, from prehistory to the present

Laid table by Maria Luisa RicciutiComune di Ripacandida

In this picture the vivacity of the colors is mixed with the sensuality of forms and objects

Laid table-1999 (oil on canvas)
Maria Luisa Ricciuti - Roma

Rampant horse by Gino GiannettiComune di Ripacandida

After his debut as an expressionist painter the author created this bronze depicting a wild horse

Rampant horse – 1990 (bronze)
Gino Giannetti-Montorio Romano (RM) 1951

Roman landscape by Luigi FerrantiComune di Ripacandida

In this Roman landscape the artist also focuses on a strongly characterizing element of the city: the cat

Roman landscape-1992 (oil)
Luigi Ferranti-1942

Ballerina by Carmine CecolaComune di Ripacandida

The artist’s repertoire ranges from the figurative to the abstract: here the slender forms of a dancer

Dancer-1960 (bronze)
Carmine Cecola-Monteroduni (Isernia) 1923-Roma 2001

Night Cat by Vector PisaniComune di Ripacandida

In this sculpture the artist infuses the disturbing image of a cat, perhaps after having bitten his prey

Night cat-1996 (mixed sculpture and colored powders)
Vettor Pisani-Ischia,1934-Roma 2011

The guardians of the threshold by Stefania FabriziComune di Ripacandida

Oriental atmospheres in this representation of two samurai in combat attitude

The guardians of the threshold-2010 (mixed on paper)
Stefania Fabrizi-Roma

Empty full by Angelo ColagrossiComune di Ripacandida

Empy full -2011 (acrylics on cartons)

Angelo Colagrossi – Roma, 1960

Tension towards by Franco FerrariComune di Ripacandida

In his artistic life the author has repeatedly produced posters for social organizations, also trying out theatrical sets for various shows. This picture seems to justify the choices

Tension towards-2006 (acrylic on canvas)
Franco Ferrari-Roma,1938

I walk on the earth by Enrico LuzziComune di Ripacandida

I walk on the earth-2002 (oil on canvas on table)

Enrico Liuzzi-Roma,1950

The discreet flood of floods by Gino GuidaComune di Ripacandida

The discreet charm of floods (oil on canvas)

Gino Guida – Napoli, 1932

Culture by Maria Pia RondinellaComune di Ripacandida

There is also a section dedicated to local artists. In this picture the author describes her father’s life

Maria Pia Rondinella - Roma

Paesant Art by Savino Maria AntiniettaComune di Ripacandida

Always in the section dedicated to the local artists, a scene of everyday life in a peasant house

Maria Antonietta Savino – Ripacandida

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