Virtual Museum of Lusophony

Virtual Museum of Lusophony
Braga, Portugal

The Virtual Museum of Lusophony is a platform for academic cooperation, in science, education and the arts, in the space of Portuguese-speaking countries and their diasporas, and also extends to Galiza and the Autonomous Region of Macau, bringing together in a joint effort Universities, with postgraduate research and teaching projects in the area of Communication Sciences and Cultural Studies, as well as cultural and artistic associations, all interested, universities and associations, in the construction and deepening of the meaning of a Lusophone community.

As a virtual platform, the Virtual Museum of Lusophony also aims to be a mechanism that invites the active participation of citizens, in making records available, in commenting on the 'works' preserved in the museum, in the (re) construction of a collective memory .

Citizen participation will begin in the construction phase of the museum's collections. It is expected that:

- the collection of ‘works’ to be registered in the museum (photographs, sound records, audiovisual records, texts, songs, records of architectural and ethnographic heritage…) is made with the populations of Portuguese-speaking countries with their active participation;

- the recording of histories and lifestyles is made as close as possible to all social groups in Portuguese-speaking countries;

- all survey and analysis work actively involves education professionals, politicians, cultural and artistic agents, journalists and other media professionals, historians, sociologists and communication researchers.

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