Rebel History: Stories from Andalusia's Archives

The latest instalment in the Wonders of Andalusia adventure

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Andalusian Archives

More than just dusty old documents

How an archival collection paints a picture of day-to-day life in history

Enter the Archives

Go straight to the source of historical knowledge

The archives contain over 377,000 feet of documents. This is almost the same distance as Seville to Cadiz!

Party like an Andalusian

A look back at Andalusia's history of celebrations and competitions

How a Mining Explosion Brought Back the Carnival

And other stories of Andalusia's festivals and fairs

The oldest document in the archives is the sales deed of an estate in Guarda Gabriella given in 1338
There are over 2000 public and private archives in Andalusia

Wonders of Andalusia

Discover more about Andalusian culture

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Where Andalusia's Legacy Lives

A virtual tour of the buildings that house the archives

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