Culture of Comfort

Inspired by Yo-Yo Ma's Songs of Comfort, discover how the artist and other creatives find comfort in culture

Discover how others find comfort

Yo-Yo Ma on How He Finds Comfort in Culture

The world reknowned cellist on how we can find comfort in music, art, dance, and more

"If we have culture at the base of everything, we have the resilience and the possibility of rebuilding no matter what comes our way because we are sustaining one another, and together, we're stronger"Yo-Yo Ma
“Who are we and what is our place in the universe? This is what culture is for.”Yo-Yo Ma, American Cellist

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Performing Arts

Step on stage with the world’s most amazing performers and immerse yourself in 360º shows

Art for comfort

Finding peace in paintings with Palestinian artist Samia Halaby

Which color calms you?

Explore art in your favorite soothing shade

Comfort in calligraphy

British calligrapher Seb Lester on the shared language of music and calligraphy

Comfort in science and exploration

Yo-Yo Ma discusses the wellbeing he finds in the world's wisdom

Once Upon a Try

A journey of invention and discovery with CERN, NASA, and more than 100 museums around the world

Comfort in dance

Find comfort in the freedom of dance with American dancer Lil Buck

More on the history of inspiring dance

Comfort in nature

Explorer and author Erling Kagge contemplates tranquil landscapes

“Walking is a combination of movement, humility, balance, curiosity, smell, sound, light, inner silence and ‒ if you walk far enough ‒ longing”Erling Kagge, Norwegian explorer

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The hidden world of National Parks

The comfort of home

Pipa Soloist Wu Man on familiar surroundings and home cooked food