Stories of Yoga

Exploring the history, culture, and science behind the practice

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The basics

Not just an exercise, but a way of life

The Āsanas

Explore the different forms and pick your style

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Meet the gurus

Learn from the people who made yoga what it is today

"Have you that tremendous peace so that nothing can disturb you? Standing on Market Street, waiting for the car with all the rush . . . going on around you, are you in meditation—calm and peaceful? In the cave, are you intensely active there with all quiet about you? If you are, you are a yogi, otherwise not."Swami Vivekananda

How yoga can help in everyday life

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Ayurveda and yoga

Connecting mind, body and spirit with the world's oldest healing system

An Ancient Story of Yoga: from the Museum of Classical Yoga

Shri Yogendra Museum of Classical Yoga is the world's first museum established on the theme of Yoga 

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Yoga in art and architecture

Yoginis in paintings, sculptures, textiles and more

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