Korean Heritage

Explore stories that have shaped the lives of the people of Korea

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Gyeonggi Provincial MuseumGyeongju National MuseumNational Palace Museum of KoreaNational Gugak CenterNational Intangible Heritage CenterNational Folk Museum of KoreaNational Library of KoreaSuwon Hwaseong Fortress Sookmyung Women’s University Museum

The Ancient Kingdom of Silla

From Joseon Dynasty to Korean Empire

Explore the details of royal paintings

Take a virtual tour of each painting

National Palace Museum of Korea

Explore over 2,000 items in their collection

A closer look at wrapping clothes of the Joseon royal court

Royal style

Explore royal Korean fashion, accessories and objects

Explore the colors of Korea

Royal ceremonies and tradition

Life inside the palaces

The National Folk Museum of Korea

Explore over 28,000 items in their collection

Everyday Korean life

Korean maps

Mapping the stars and the land

The keepers of traditional craft

Conservation and Restoration

Efforts to hand down the heritages to posterity

Travel Back to 220 Years Ago

Royal procession of king Jeongjo from Seoul to Suwon

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Step inside Korean palaces

Take a virtul tour of historical sites in Gyeongju and Seoul

Google Expeditions

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