Naples Uncovered

Discover top museums and off the beaten path sites in Naples, from ancient catacombs and hidden archives to baroque and contemporary masterpieces captured in super high resolution.

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Museo e Real Bosco di CapodimonteNational Archaeological Museum of NaplesMadre - Donnaregina Contemporary Art MuseumCatacombs of Naples | Rione SanitàInward National Observatory on Urban CreativityilCartastorie | Museo dell'Archivio Storico del Banco di NapoliFondazione Napoli Novantanove

The Naples story

From Pompeii to today

Where time stood still

Society preserved for centuries by the eruption of Vesuvius

Long-lost frescoes from Pompeii

Interior design, Pompeii style

Grand designs

Frescoes #foodenvy

The first bite is with the eyes

Learn more about life in Roman times

The details you might have missed

Guided tours of iconic classical artworks

Gods behaving badly

Discover the mischief in mythological art

Learn more about classical art

The artists you should know

From the exhibitions of Madre

Naples gets graphic

Through the eyes of world-famous designers

Eye-catching artworks

Cutting edge contemporary art

Learn more about contemporary art

The city's secret hideaways

Explore the underground catacombs of Naples

Naples in 360°

Learn more about the city spaces

Explore more

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