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Welcome to Parma

10 Things to Know About Parma

Facts and rarities to learn about the city

The heart of the city

Discover Parma’s must-see landmarks

Discover Parma's National Gallery

The Pilotta Palace

The Second Coming

You've never been this close

Saint Peter

Identified by his key

Saint Philip

Waiting for the Jesus Christ

Saint Andrew

Surrounded by the golden light

Saint James the Great

Astonished by the vision

Zoom at the highest level

A 27 metres-high masterpiece by Correggio

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Visit the largest maze in existence

Made of 300,000 bamboo trees

To those who'll ask why I did this, I'll just answer with Voltaire's words "We must cultivate our own garden."Franco Maria Ricci, editor, art collector and maze creator
Where does the Pilotta Palace gets its name from?
Piazzale della Pace and Palazzo della Pilotta

Inside the Leopard's Mouth

The protagonist of the wild fight

See the Snake

The fierce opponent

Appreciate the patterns

Naive yet effective details

Lush vegetation

Green leaves as by-standers

A visionary fight

Zoom in the smallest details

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Parma through the centuries

A time machine to explore the city's heritage

Many think of a museum as something that only exhibits beautiful objects, as if we tried to represent humanity with a gallery of only beautiful, chosen people.Ettore Guatelli, primary school teacher and collector
What typeface was created in Parma?

The Theater Archives

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All the hues of Parma

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