Treasures of Saxony-Anhalt

Travel virtually to five UNESCO World Heritage Sites

A project by

State Chancellery and Ministry of Culture of Sachsen-Anhalt

Naumburg Cathedral: Built for eternity

Explore the art and architecture of an unparalleled witness of history

True to life

The sculptures that made the cathedral world-famous

Learn about the history of Naumburg Cathedral's VIP's

Did you know? Saxony-Anhalt is the German Federal State with the highest density of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and lets you discover more than 7000 years of European and German history!

The Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz: This park is art

Where mind and beauty meet

The varying wonders of Dessau-Wörlitz

How humanism and enlightenment shaped a garden that's like no other

The most beautiful Garden spots in two minutes

Did you know? The Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz spans a whopping 142 square kilometeres!
Did you know? You can discover a total of 12 Bauhaus buildings in Dessau.

Discover the Bauhaus legacy in-depth

The Luther Memorial Sites: Tracing the reformer's life

Learn where the revolutionary clergyman was born, where he worked and where he died

Did you know? The most important place of Martin Luther's life was his house in Wittenberg, where he lived and worked for 35 years.

Quedlinburg: A medieval gem

Discover the charme of one of Germany's largest regional monuments

Did you know? The city of Quedlinburg made its first appearance on the historical landscape already 1100 years ago, when the Saxon king Henry received his crown there.
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