Darryl Westly and Gianna Dispenza

Meet our artists-in-residence

Feast lll in progressBeirut Art Residency

The centerpiece of Gianna Dispenza’s collection is a painting entitled 'Feast III'.

studies of figuresBeirut Art Residency

The feast is a theme that has informed the artist’s work over the past three years, manifesting in various iterations and with a diversity of implications.

untitledBeirut Art Residency

'Feast III' comments on a broad spectrum of hierarchies and norms, including the social and national expectations of an individual or group of individuals.

studies of womenBeirut Art Residency

the making of Feast lll on canvasBeirut Art Residency

UntitledBeirut Art Residency

UntitledBeirut Art Residency

The additional drawings and mono-prints on display invite the viewer into the artist’s process of drawing first from life, and then permitting a natural shift into abstraction.

Landscape paintingBeirut Art Residency

Darryl Westly uses the streets, walls and architecture of Beirut as his inspiration for a new series of interior/exterior landscapes.

two inetrior/exterior landscapesBeirut Art Residency

Color, voids, shadows and light merge to create a perspective to the past, present and future of the city.

Landscape paintingBeirut Art Residency

The revealed neatness in his paintings link to Darryl's former eye-catching 'feel happy' compositions and his enquiry into our socially coded lifestyles.

Credits: All media
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