Paris Petridis, Judy Van Luyk, and Agathe Champsaur

Meet our artists-in-residence

Paris taking photographsBeirut Art Residency

Paris Petridis traveled across Lebanon, capturing the country's various contradictions particularly pertaining to materialism and religion.

photographic series sky and bridgeBeirut Art Residency

Photographs around Lebanon seriesBeirut Art Residency

He ventured from north to south, capturing portraits, landscapes and social contrasts.

Photographic series ruinsBeirut Art Residency

The artist followed an essayistic logic composing images which reflect the marks left by existence, by movement and by conflict, to a present that is anything but resolved.

Ein MraysehBeirut Art Residency

Judy drilling installationBeirut Art Residency

Judy van Luyk is a conceptual artist with mostly site-specific work.

preparations for I heart Beirut by Judy Van LuykBeirut Art Residency

She believes that the work she produces should be pervaded with the place it will be exhibited in, which also means that she gets her direct inspiration from the environment in which she works.

Artist drilling in wall by Judy Van LuykBeirut Art Residency

Judy worked on several interventions across walls in Beirut, with both visual and text-based messages.

finished piece by Judy Van LuykBeirut Art Residency

Through alienating objects from their surroundings, the artists creates a graphical language.

Agathe Champsaur at workBeirut Art Residency

Young filmmaker Agathe Champsaur worked on two documentaries, each detailing the life of very different yet inspiring figures.

Katanani by Agathe-Abdul Rahman KatananiBeirut Art Residency

Her first work details the life of Abdul Rahman Katanani, a Palestinian visual artist that rose up from Palestinian camps through art.

Still from Katanani Documentary by Agathe KatananiBeirut Art Residency

Agathe found the perfect combination in documentary filmmaking by combining her thirst for discovering the world and her taste for adventure and necessity to create.

Katanani documentaryBeirut Art Residency

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