Sara Naim and Athier

Meet our artists-in-residence

Skewers set upBeirut Art Residency

Athier is a visual artist whose work over recent years has centered on posing unanswerable questions against undefined answers and forming a visual narrative between the two.

two Skewers paintings hangingBeirut Art Residency

Athier communicates his diasporic experience as an Iraqi raised in London through his canvas.

skewers paintingsBeirut Art Residency

“Life comes through the decay which is really beautiful, so that’s visually one of the things that I was most inspired about in Beirut”.

Skewers seriesBeirut Art Residency

two skewers paintingsBeirut Art Residency

His project at the residency conflates the flag and the skewer as a symbol of conquering, however he contests traditional notions of the flag by skewering tattered pieces of fabric from Beirut.

Sara at open studios by Sara NaimBeirut Art Residency

Sara Naim is recognized for depicting the physical form at a cellular level through sculptural photography.

Abstract image of glitchesBeirut Art Residency

At BAR, she draped images onto wooden plinths, which are the same dimensions as her limbs.

Sara PrintingBeirut Art Residency

Throughout her practice, the artist oscillates between the micro and the macro, engaging the viewer with a multifaceted interpretation of the human body through distance and examination.

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