The Ogier‐Fombrun Museum

A 1760 Estate that became a National and Historical Heritage.

The Ogier‐Fombrun Museum Entrance to the Museum (1977) by Carole DevillersHaiti Film Institute

The Ogier‐Fombrun Museum is located in Montrouis, Haiti on the renovated ruins of a sugar plantation built in the 18th century by Guillaume Ogier from Bordeaux, France.

Celebration at the Ogier-Fombrun Museum (2015) by Carole DevillersHaiti Film Institute

In March of 1977 the famous Haitian architect, Gerard Fombrun, purchased the ruins and immediately set out to restore them, incited by a patriotic desire to contribute to the conservation of Haiti's national and historical heritage.

The Ogier-Fombrun Museum (2015/2017) by Carole DevillersHaiti Film Institute

The museum was reconstituted using a vast collection of archeological and colonial artifacts that eloquently illustrate the architecture of the original plantation. They relate to the four major periods that led to the birth of Haiti in 1804 as the First Black Republic of the New World.

A Mill from the Colonial Period (1977) by Carole DevillersHaiti Film Institute

The hydraulic wheel displayed once activated the sugar cane mill as well as the original oven used to dry sugar loaves when Saint‐Domingue was the richest of all European colonies.

Original aqueduct at The Ogier‐Fombrun Museum (1977) by Carole DevillersHaiti Film Institute

The original 150 meter long stone aqueduct with its 16 arcades remain standing on the grounds of the museum.

Bois Caïman Ceremony (1960) by Maxo BlaiseHaiti Film Institute

This painting at the museum illustrates the Bois Caiman ceremony which was the first major meeting of enslaved blacks that led to the insurrection.

The Ogier‐Fombrun Museum Vèvè Projection (2000) by Raphaelle CasteraHaiti Film Institute

The museum adds color and vibrancy during an evening celebration.

The Ogier‐Fombrun Museum Celebration (2015) by Carole DevillersHaiti Film Institute

Many cultural activities and celebrations are held at the museum with light shows, dance and exhibits.

The Ogier‐Fombrun Museum celebration dance on the Sugarcane mill (1997) by Carole DevillersHaiti Film Institute

Dance troupes contributed to the celebrations at the Moulin.

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