The Port-au-Prince Jazz Festival

An annual event organized by the Haiti JAZZ Foundation with musical performances from around the globe sharing music Kreyol style.

The Ball at King Christopher's Court (1970) by Saint Louis BlaiseHaiti Film Institute

Music has been the heartbeat of the country over generations.

Haitian All Jazz Stars - Sparks (2016-01-22) by PAP Jazz and Jean CazeHaiti Film Institute

In keeping with tradition, founded in March 2007, The Haiti Jazz Foundation organizes an annual musical extravaganza each January called PAP JAZZ (Port-au-Prince Jazz).

International artists reconnect with their cultural roots when playing in Haiti. Together it makes for a sweet song.

The Drummers (1975) by ArijacHaiti Film Institute

Music is the art and in the art....

Jazz from all over the world under a starlit sky with rum punch. Who could ask for anything more?

Josanne Francis (2020) by PAP JAZZ Foundation and Josanne FrancisHaiti Film Institute

Intercultural exchange allow artists to feel at home under the kreyol sky.

The music puts you on your feet.

Little Haiti (2019) by Olivier Ganthier (OliGa)Haiti Film Institute

The music will make you smile.

The language of music is understood by all.

From a soft melody to a riveting trumpet is where all souls meet.

Mizik Mizik & Difficiles de Petion Ville Medley Live at PAPJAZZ (2019) by PAP JAZZ Foundation and Mizik Mizik & Difficiles de Petion Ville bandHaiti Film Institute

Haitian Jazz, Haitian Style equals Kreyol Jazz.

Drummer (1980) by Xavier AmiamaHaiti Film Institute

You will be swept away by the rhythm of the drum..

"PAP JAZZ, A top quality event made in Haiti.

Be Proud of it.

Be part of it!"

Haiti (2019) by Olivier Ganthier (OliGa)Haiti Film Institute

Kreyol jazz, Haitian style!
See you there!

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The Haiti Jazz Foundation.

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