The market

Alfonso X. Peña

Market (ca. 1945) by Alfonso X. PeñaColección Blaisten

In this complex scene Alfonso X. Peña gives us a panoramic view of a market from his time in northern Mexico.

In the foreground we have a great variety of tropical fruits that are sold presented between banana leaves. Watermelon, papaya, pineapple, oranges, and pumpkin can be seen.

On one side, we can see the vegetables: celery, avocado, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, carrots and radishes, poblano chilis and chilis.

Behind the vegetable vendor, a tortilla seller can be seen. The tortilla is an essential culinary element in Mexican food.

A seller of hats from different parts of the country.

In the background another fruit stand shows us the great quantity of bananas that came from southeastern Mexico. Tabasco was the largest producer of this fruit at the time.

As in every market in Mexico, the flower seller could not be missed

Fresh bread sellers

In the center we can see a stand selling atole (a corn-based drink) and hot chocolate (chocolate is originally from Mexico and since the pre-Hispanic era it has been drunk with water.

On the left side we can see stone utensils called metates (mealing stones) for sale, on which corn is ground to make tortillas.

A Mexican artisan stand where black clay and carved wooden figures can be seen.

Behind that, someone selling clay comales (griddles). The comal (griddle) is where tortillas are warmed, quesadillas are made or meat is fried.

Finally at the bottom we can see someone selling shawls. The shawls are made throughout the country with each region having its own particular style.

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