A gathering of hairdressers

José Agustin Arrieta

Bar Gathering (1851) by José Agustín ArrietaColección Blaisten

Arrieta presents us with an image that portrays a traditional scene within a pulque cafe (bar where pulque is served), where people are discussing the news of the day.

Here we can see the details from one of the newspapers of the time.

The painter added details that reveal that the newspaper was issued in the state of Puebla in May.

The cover of the newspaper contains a cartoon, which were widely used in the media of that time.

The characters in the picture are people from the town. Their expressions reveal to us a state of alarm.

Pulque is an alcoholic beverage extracted from agave. Its consumption dates from the pre-Hispanic era, and it is greatly enjoyed by the Mexican people. <br>It is considered by them to be the drink of the gods.

The tlachiquero is the person in charge of extracting the nectar from the agave, which turns into pulque when fermented.

Agave is a plant native to Mexico.

Bar Gathering (1851) by José Agustín ArrietaColección Blaisten

Arrieta serves a traditional Mexican meal at the table. Perfect accompaniment to the pulque in a bar where it is served as a snack. Some sopes (fried tortillas) or chalupas (crunchy tortillas)

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