The representation of the "Arts"

Music, Literature, Choreography and Painting, Sculpture and Architecture through the eyes of the painter Aldo Locatelli

The Arts Painting, Sculpture and ArchitecturePiratini Palace

Music, Literature and Choreography

The first image, a classic scene, representing the plastic arts. On a stone step, on the right, a woman is seated, with her hair tied back, wearing a skirt and a blouse, holding a paint palette and brushes with her left hand and a canvas resting on the floor with her right.

To the side, a figure of a child, naked, holding a brush and, on the left side, a female figure, with long hair. Wearing a long dress, with one shoulder and one breast bare, she holds a hammer in her left hand and a chisel in her right.

To her right, a female figure, standing, with her hair down, a robe hanging down, leaving one shoulder and one breast bare, with her left arm resting on a smooth column with a Corinthian capital.

In the background, three larger buildings and a lower one, portray the view from the docks of Porto Alegre, in 1950, with the word "ARS" above.

The Arts Music, Literature and ChoreographyPiratini Palace

"Painting, Sculpture and Architecture"

In the foreground, on a step, a naked boy with light hair, holds a book on his shoulders. At her side, on the left, a seated female figure with long hair, wearing an orange dress, holds a lyre in her left hand, while holding papers in her right hand.

On the boy's right side, another female figure, standing on the step, wearing classic clothes, hair tied with a laurel wreath, holds a book in her left hand and a feather in her right.

In the background, in the upper left corner, a female figure, with a bare shoulder, pink tunic, holding the edge of a white robe, while her right hand is extended towards a figure reaching out towards her.

The urban setting, in the background, highlights the dome of a cathedral and part of a building, on the right side and an obelisk with statues. Over the scene, the inscription "ARS". The urban scene is a representation of Praça da Matriz, in Porto Alegre.

Credits: Story

Piratini Palace - Center for Conservation and Memory of the Piratini Palace 
Editing: Mateus Gomes; Willian Caetano

Texts: William Caetano 
Photography: Fernando Bueno - Piratini Palace Collection  
Technical reference: OLIVEIRA, Luciana da Costa. O Rio Grande do Sul de Aldo Locatelli : arte, historiografia e memória regional nos murais do Palácio Piratini. 2011. 270 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em História) - Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, 2011.
Directed by: Mateus Gomes

Credits: All media
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