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SatladaIndian Family Jewels


‘Family Jewels: Indian Adornment Revealed’ is an effort to impart knowledge on the distinction of India’s precious jewellery, recognising many of its roots including tribal, agrarian, trade based or royal in nature.

Satlada - A Video IntroductionIndian Family Jewels

Thali - A Video Introduction

SatladaIndian Family Jewels

The Satlada necklace

A seven strand pearl necklace, increasing in length consecutively is made with pearls and pendants. A fine example of Mughal jewellery, the Satlada was often used to index the social and economic status of the family.

SatladaIndian Family Jewels

Satlada - The Etymology

The first half 'sat' refers to the number of layers or strands each necklace is made of, 

SatladaIndian Family Jewels

Satlada - The Etymology

the second is 'Lada', which means 'strand',

Satlada - The Etymology

i.e., Teenlada (3 strands) / Panchlada (5 strands) / Satlada (7 strands)"

Satlada - The etymologyIndian Family Jewels

Satlada - Etymology

"The necklace's name, which, is contingent on the number of strands, can be broken into two halves. 

SatladaIndian Family Jewels

The Royal connection

The Satlada is one of the finest examples of Mughal jewellery.

Satlada - The materialIndian Family Jewels

Satlada - The material

The Satlada is made up of silver, pearl, gold and precious gems. Each independent strand of the necklace is often skirted by Basra pearls.

Satlada - The designIndian Family Jewels

The Design

SatladaIndian Family Jewels

Satlada - Significance

The Satlada was the royal marriage jewellery of medieval times, originally made for the royal Mughal and Nawabi families of the Deccan.

SatladaIndian Family Jewels

Who wore the Satlada and why?Indian Family Jewels

The Significance of Satlada

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