How It All Starts?

Mountaineering and hiking traditions in Slovenia

Na Golici by Piotr SkrzypiecAlpine Association of Slovenia

How It All Starts?

Mountains have always attracted people. In Ancient times, they were considered mystical places, later people went to them mainly for economic reasons, but recently the mountains are mainly the domain of nature lovers and recreation, as they offer an ideal training ground for active leisure in nature. 

Jasna Lake in May by Ales KrivecAlpine Association of Slovenia

The mountains also strongly marked Slovenia in terms of culture and top sports achievements. No matter how we look at it, mountaineering is by far the most popular recreational activity of Slovenes today.

The Culture of Hiking in Slovenia

Mountaineering and hiking in the mountain world also has a long tradition in Slovenia and is at the same time strongly intertwined with the Slovenian national identity.

Beautiful Slovenia by Anže ČoklAlpine Association of Slovenia

There are many positive effects of mountaineering and nowadays it is clear that proper physical activity is one of the main foundations of a healthy lifestyle.

Especially important is the fact that mountaineering takes place in the natural environment, and in this way, in addition to the basic positive effects of the movement itself, it also contributes to a positive attitude towards nature and has many positive effects on all aspects of well-being and health.

Sveti Tomaz posnet iz zraka by Ales KrivecAlpine Association of Slovenia

The connection of Slovenes with the mountains is largely determined by the Slovene landscape, which is very mountainous in most parts of the country and therefore represents an ideal (natural) training ground for mountaineering.

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