How 16 m² of Triglav Was Bought by the Slovene

The turbulent history of the topmost peak of Triglav

Capturing Triglav -- Behind the scenes by Klemen DovžanAlpine Association of Slovenia

Triglav ridge (2016) by Jošt GantarSlovenian Tourist Board

Aljaž Tower is the highest mountain shelter in Slovenia. It is located on Triglav (2864 m), the highest peak in Slovenia.

Together with the top, represent the most recognizable symbol of Slovenia.

Kranjska Gora, Triglav north wall by Mediaspeed, foto: Jaka ArbutinaSlovenian Tourist Board

Mountaineering and alpinism in the Slovenian Alps were strongly influenced by Germany in the 19th century. 

Triglav glacier in 1917 (1917)National and University Library of Slovenia

During his service, Jakob Aljaž - a patriot, mountaineer and priest - began to notice a great interest of foreigners in the Slovenian mountains. He tried to resist this by buying the top of Triglav (16 m2) from the municipality of Dovje for one Goldinar.

Kranjska Gora, Triglav north wall by Mediaspeed, foto: Jaka ArbutinaSlovenian Tourist Board

Jakob Aljaž designed and financed a small cylindrical turret made of thick galvanized sheet metal, consisting of six parts weighing from fifteen to twenty kilograms. Parts of the tower were brought from Ljubljana to Mojstrana by train, and from there six bearers carried them  to the top of Triglav in one week.

The work was completed on August 7 th 1895, in five hours, and Jakob Aljaž paid 300 Goldinars for its production and installation.

The opening and blessing of the tower took place on 22 nd August 1895 with a song set to music by Jakob Aljaž "Oj, Triglav moj dom" (»Oj, Triglav my Home«). The inscription Aljaž Turret on the tower was the first Slovenian inscription on Triglav and its surroundings.

Peak of Mount Triglav (After 1849) by Marko PernhartNational Museum of Slovenia

Aljaž donated the top and the tower to the Slovenian Mountaineering Association with the desire to preserve the Slovenian face of the Slovenian mountains. Later, the tower was often adapted, memorial plaques were added to it, the flag at the tip was replaced with a five-pointed star, and again with a flag with the year of installation.

Planšarsko lake by Tomo JeseničnikSlovenian Tourist Board

It was also painted several times, namely green-white-red, when the border between Yugoslavia and Italy ran alongside it during the wars, or red during communism. It is equipped with a lightning rod. The foundations were repeatedly concreted. In 1999, it was declared as a cultural monument of national importance.

Malečnik by Domen GröglSlovenian Tourist Board

On September 7 th 2018, the Aljaž Turretr was dismantled from the top of Triglav for the first time in 123 years and transported by helicopter to Mojstrana, and from there to the restoration center in Ljubljana to repair the damage that has accumulated over the years. The renovated facility was flown back by helicopter and re-installed on top on October 3th 2018.

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