"Ways to Break into Reality"

A selection of artworks from The Sotiris Felios Collection: Vol. 4

Untitled (2013) by Michalis ManoussakisThe Sotiris Felios Collection

Michalis Manoussakis

Michalis Manoussakis constructs his own reality, which bears little similarity with the real world. The human figures are expressed in an entirely personal way and created by different textures by  charcoal and paint on the carved wooden surface.

Nocturnal Walk (2002-2003) by Edouard SacaillanThe Sotiris Felios Collection

Edouard Sacaillan

Edouard Sacaillan’s multicoloured spectators are enclosed, crowded, and lined up by the painter one beside the other, with no distance between them, but also without interpersonal contact; they watch us as we watch them. 

Untitled (2005) by Alexis KyritsopoulosThe Sotiris Felios Collection

Alexis Kyritsopoulos

Alexis Kyritsopoulos composes dreamscapes and transports us to cities in the sky, to other fantastical, multicoloured, optimistic worlds.

Untitled (from the “Substance” series) (2003) by Pantelis ChandrisThe Sotiris Felios Collection

Pantelis Chandris

Untitled (from the “Substance” series)

Pantelis Chandris challenges the plasticity of the human figure, recreating it in polyester. The male figure takes on human existence; it is formally defined, by the clothing, the coat and head cover, as the image of a walker, and appears strange, imposing and silent.

Untitled (2009) by Tassos MissourasThe Sotiris Felios Collection

Tassos Missouras

Tassos Missouras depicts a human figure deep in thought. The parts of the body, face and hands are rendered in sharp detail with the focus of the painting lying heavily on the work’s conceptual dimension.

Nude (2010) by Thanassis MakrisThe Sotiris Felios Collection

Thanassis Makris


Thanassis Makris oscillates between the figurative and the highly expressionist rendering the bare flesh of the female bodies. He masterfully projects the forms, rendered through the appropriate use of colour, challenging the viewer with his expressive eloquence.

Untitled (2012) by Dimitris HantzopoulosThe Sotiris Felios Collection

Dimitris Hantzopoulos

Dimitris Hantzopoulos presents a deserted city, under threat by a strange invader. The rendering is strictly realistic, but the atmosphere of the work, evocative through and through, alludes to scenes from science fiction, where the human presence is almost non-existent.

Credits: Story

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Art Direction
Daphne Politi

Cover image
Yannis Moralis, Erotic, 2002.

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Photographs of the artworks
Elly Economides 
Christos Simatos 
Natalia Tsoukala
Studio Vaharidis

Credits: All media
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