"Reach into Spaces Beyond the Obvious"

A selection of artworks from The Sotiris Felios Collection: Vol. 2

Initiates (2011) by Maria FilopoulouThe Sotiris Felios Collection

Maria Filopoulou



Maria Filopoulou composes a multifaceted narrative, which creates a mythical atmosphere with clear realistic references, through a dreamscape populated by ethereal creatures.

 The painting sets the image of a mystical ritual in a magical Greek place.

Aphrodite of Knidos (2015) by Emmanouil BitsakisThe Sotiris Felios Collection

Emmanouil Bitsakis

Emmanouil Bitsakis creates microscopic, conceptually transcendent images, and enjoys visual wanderings with allegorical scenes and ambiguous meanings. Putting together thematically impossible beings, he moves between thousands of years of history, proposing his own meanings.

Oedipus and Antigone (1954) by TakisThe Sotiris Felios Collection


Οedipus and Antigone

Takis’ sculpture is one of the oldest and most widely known wrought iron sculptures. The  artist  pairs  up  “Oedipus and  Antigone” in a purely minimalist way, clearly influenced by Giacometti, whom he met in Europe in the 1950s.

Fishing (2007) by Achilleas PapacostasThe Sotiris Felios Collection

Achilleas Papacostas

Achilleas Papacostas creates figures that emerge from an undefined space, almost fluid and transparent, that makes them glow like fireflies. They lack volume, appearing one-dimensional in an unfamiliar space, cut off from the sense of time of our world and gazing into eternity. 

Shades of Gold (2010) by Kalliopi AsargiotakiThe Sotiris Felios Collection

Kalliopi Asargiotaki

Kalliopi Asargiotaki describes, in a realistic, figurative style, a female face with the typical expression of an innocent girl, wandering dreamily between the real and the imaginary world.

After a While (2012) by Theofilos KatsipanosThe Sotiris Felios Collection

Theofilos Katsipanos

Theofilos Katsipanos conveys a strong metaphysical dimension through his artworks, depicting the human form, both intensely realistic and  simultaneously distorted in proportion. Reality and the dream world seem to be in coexistence.

Androniki (2013) by Giorgos RorrisThe Sotiris Felios Collection

Giorgos Rorris

Giorgos Rorris paints on the spot and never from memory or photographs, trusting in the end the self-reliant knowledge of the gaze, hence his paintings are born from it.

Credits: Story

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Art Direction
Daphne Politi

Cover image
Chronis Botsoglou, Strange Morning, 2010.

The captions accompanying each image have been previously featured in catalogues of the collection or essays found in felioscollection.gr.

Photographs of the artworks
Leonidas Dimakopoulos
Christos Simatos 
Studio Vaharidis

Credits: All media
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