"Paintings that Keep their Secrets Well Hidden"

A selection of artworks from The Sotiris Felios Collection: Vol. 3

Woman with a Carpet On the Balcony (2003) by Kostas PapanikolaouThe Sotiris Felios Collection

Kostas Papanikolaou

Kostas Papanikolaou conveys in his paintings urban life, focusing primarily on everyday scenes at the streets, inside a home or a coffee house. His artworks, selectively realistic, are highly narrative, with a disarming simplicity and a bold use of colours.

The Archer (1990) by Tassos MantzavinosThe Sotiris Felios Collection

Tassos Mantzavinos

Tassos Mantzavinos articulates in painting his emotional world, communicating it to the viewer, without being afraid to use several autobiographical details.

His artworks are distinctively inspired from folk tradition, often using iconographic features and references to expresses man’s inner need to seek help from a higher power. 

The artist’s interest focuses on the formal dramatisation of his subjects, with distinctive expressionist strokes and a bold use of colours.

Jealousy (2020) by Maria GiannakakiThe Sotiris Felios Collection

Maria Giannakaki

Maria Giannakaki composes a hymn to love, revealing the true nature of lovemaking without any sophistication and melodrama. The body parts are woven like branches made of flesh in a way that only the act of lovemaking can canonize, while the facial expressions bloom in pleasure. 

Blackbird (2012) by Natalia MelaThe Sotiris Felios Collection

Natalia Mela


Natalia Mela’s artworks travel throughout width and depth, both in terms of form and content, while her continuous contact with the living cores of her creativity guarantees the conditions for an inner renewal.

St Mnep I (2008) by Constantinos PapamichalopoulosThe Sotiris Felios Collection

Constantinos Papamichalopoulos

Constantinos Papamichalopoulos develops morphoplastic idioms influenced by Byzantine tradition and contemporary Japanese pop culture, using painting, engraving, sketching and traditional techniques.

Models in the Studio (2010-2013) by Alecos LevidisThe Sotiris Felios Collection

Alecos Levidis

Alecos Levidis uses images from his memory, his subconscious or his experiences as the starting point, incorporating multiple scenes, so that the narrative in his paintings takes place on several levels.

In the foreground, the human figures, which depict his children, are characterised by the harmony of a realistic rendition.

The paintings refer directly to a western ecclesiastical triptych. The top part is laid out in three sections, while the lower half takes the form of a Renaissance predella, with five smaller scenes in procession.

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Art Direction
Daphne Politi

Cover image
Alecos Levidis, Agora, 2010-2017.

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Photographs of the artworks
Elly Economides 
Christos Simatos 
Natalia Tsoukala
Studio Vaharidis

Credits: All media
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