2020 ArtPop Street Gallery: additional works by artists in Atlanta, GA (Part II)

Additional work by the juried Atlanta, GA artists from 2020

The Lotus Garden (2020-01-01) by Nicolette DunnArtPop Street Gallery

"Every year this garden blooms at our lake place, but only for a short time. I tried to capture the beauty of it to last all year." -Nicolette Dunn

Into the Light (2020-01-01) by Nicolette DunnArtPop Street Gallery

"This reflection of a tree in the creek is one of my favorites. It looks to me like you could just walk into the light and be in another world." -Nicolette Dunn

Just Relax (2020-01-01) by Maureen EngleArtPop Street Gallery

"An empty boat gently bobbing on the water symbolizes the calm I feel when I'm near a body of water. It relaxes me. I can just look at it or accept it's gentle invitation to go for a ride. This work was painted from my imagination and I had fun inventing the wonderful colors of the boat and water reflections." -Maureen Engle

Run Free (2020-01-01) by Maureen EngleArtPop Street Gallery

"This horse belonged to a friend of my daughters and it's strength and movement immediately captured my interest and I've used it as an inspiration for several paintings. I molded the horse with shades of grey and hints of color letting the wilder background frame the body. I love that the horse looks like it is almost coming off the canvas to the viewer." Marueen Engle

Chattahoochee Birches (2020-01-01) by Maureen EngleArtPop Street Gallery

"I love painting white birch trees with lots of color! A former art teacher of mine told me once years ago that every tree has purple in it. I then made it my goal to see the purple as well as a host of other colors. This painting was created with mostly the palette knife and, if you look closely, I added a cardinal to the painting of a landscape from my imagination." -Maureen Engle

Maias Wings (2020-01-01) by Zachary FrancoisArtPop Street Gallery

"My friend Maia In wings crafted by Lydia James.
There isn't a deep meaning to this piece, Just a nice moment captured over the summer." -Zachary Francois

BREXIT-London Eye (2020-01-01) by Veronique IvanovicArtPop Street Gallery

"In this piece, the onlooker is confronted again with my fondness for working in the round and, with recycled material. I created a portrait of an elderly British lady with binoculars on, spying onto Europe. Excessive feathers are adorning her hat, as we know the British ladies taste for interesting looking head-covers. The net is a symbol of Great Britain feeling trapped in being a part of European Union." -Veronique Ivanovic

Moon Light 2 (2020-01-01) by Veronique IvanovicArtPop Street Gallery

"A full moon blasting off her yellow color, to turns white as a desperate act of spirituality in a rather troubling times." -Veronique Ivanovic

Clin D'oeil (2020-01-01) by Veronique IvanovicArtPop Street Gallery

"I created this piece, because I like to work in the round.
As the tittle reads, “Blink of an Eye” a blue eye in this composition, a sign of complicity addressed to the onlooker and trying to catch his reaction to the painting, connivance really, if they caught on my liking for geometric forms and softer nautical ones at the bottom which are an echo to Hokusai’s work." -Veronique Ivanovic

On the Way to Varzi (2020-01-01) by Elizabeth MobleyArtPop Street Gallery

Layered Glass

Speed (2020-01-01) by Elizabeth MobleyArtPop Street Gallery

Glass frit drawing

Train Car Bridge (2020-01-01) by Elizabeth MobleyArtPop Street Gallery

Glass frit painting

Island Breeze (2020-01-01) by Cristina MontesinosArtPop Street Gallery

"Cristina’s deep connection with nature is reflected in her energetic, abstracted works based on natural imagery. Island Breeze is a lively rendering of her memory of an island trip. She draws on her graphic design background to create expressive lines, bold brush strokes and simplified shapes." -Christina Montesinos

Bursting with Life (2020-01-01) by Cristina MontesinosArtPop Street Gallery

"Bursting with Life is the first in my Covid Walks Series painted early in the pandemic. Capturing the energetic growth of early spring, it depicts the feeling of deep renewal, relief and inner peace that I felt each day after taking walks through a nearby nature preserve. These walks were the only way I could stay grounded and survive the daily barrage of changing information in the early world of Covid-19." -Christina Montesinos

Healing Light (2020-01-01) by Cristina MontesinosArtPop Street Gallery

"Healing Light, part of my Geometric Series, was painted in early spring in the middle of the political turmoil in the United States. In this difficult time I wanted to capture a sense of hope that I was yearning for — a deep need to bring the country together again through a sense of respect, humanity, community and working together.

Healing Light was built layer by layer, as I worked around the textures and colors that I found interesting. Through the use of light emerging from a strong vertical and horizontal structure, I capture a sense of hope and renewal that can come from changing the course of our country when it felt like everything we had built was crumbling before our eyes." -Christina Montesinos

Inner wisdom (2020-01-01) by Janet NewtonArtPop Street Gallery

"I captured this image of a 39 year old Orangutan photographed at the Atlanta Zoo in Georgia. A male Sumatran/Bornean orangutan born at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center. He was named Chantek which means "beautiful". He had a vocabulary of over 150 American sign language words (ASL) taught by Anthropologists and he understood spoken English. When I captured this beautiful image his eyes were fixed on me as mine on his. It was as if I was in a trance wondering all he has seen in his many years. Nine months after this image Chantek passed away. I enjoy nature photography reflecting wildlife, their habits and behaviors." -Janet Newton

Red Envelope (2020-01-01) by Janet NewtonArtPop Street Gallery

"I'm a gardener enthusiast and spend most of my time photographing flowers in my garden and any botanical garden I can visit. This is actually a red waxed leaf that was laying over. Once I looked at it in my computer it reminded me of an envelope." -Janet Newton

Classic & Rugged (2020-01-01) by Janet NewtonArtPop Street Gallery

"Cars-Cars-Cars! I think I have been to every car lot from North Carolina to Florida. My husband just loves old/new cars and trucks. So since I love him, I started photographing car parts of old and new. I love the look of vintage and always stop for the old rusty that may be sitting on the side of an old country road." -Janet Newton

Mighty Angel (2020-01-01) by Linda MitchellArtPop Street Gallery

"The lion angel is a protector of the natural world and his mighty presence is a reminder of the beauty and power of nature." -Linda Mitchell

Quartet Elephant (2020-01-01) by Linda MitchellArtPop Street Gallery

"This piece pays homage to these majestic creatures. The idea is similar to a musical piece, where four different instruments –in this case colors- play the same melody with different, yet harmonious sounds. The four corners meet to create a powerful image of one of my favorite animals. The African Elephant in my work also functions as an emissary from the vanishing natural world -entreating us to preserve our beautiful planet and the gifts of nature." -Linda Mitchell

Entropy / Chaos (2020-01-01) by Linda MitchellArtPop Street Gallery

"Entropy and chaos, the strengths of the natural world are seen here as powerful deterrents to the destruction of the Earth. In this scenario, nature wins" -Linda Mitchell

Geometric Labyrinth (2020-01-01) by Abigayle ChristensenArtPop Street Gallery

A fabricated sterling silver wire bracelet

The R.O.C.K. (2020-01-01) by Abigayle ChristensenArtPop Street Gallery

A fabricated sterling silver ring with a casted sterling silver element.

Pin-Points of Symmetry (2020-01-01) by Abigayle ChristensenArtPop Street Gallery

A constructed sterling silver ring integrated with bronze balls.

Credits: All media
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