The Plazaola Greenway’s Stations

Explore the stations of the old Plazaola train that operated from 1905 to 1953 between Gipuzkoa and Navarre.

Lekunberri station (2015-08-03)Spanish Railways Foundation

Plazaola stations

Formerly places where the train stopped, they are now three spaces for visiting and enjoying services for those travelling along the Plazaola Greenway.

Leitza Station

The recently restored Leitza Station, in Navarre, features a bike service in an old warehouse. The passenger building will soon house a logistics and services centre for those travelling along the Plazaola Greenway.

Leitza Station and Bio-Healthy Circuit (2015-08-10)Spanish Railways Foundation

In addition to the two restored buildings, Leitza Station houses a bio-healthy circuit for promoting and improving the local population’s health habits.

Tracks in remembrance of the train (2015-08-10)Spanish Railways Foundation

In Navarre’s Lekunberri Station, everything points to its railway past: railway tracks, a carriage, station buildings, and colourful iron sculptures emulating passengers from the past, scattered around the platforms.

Lekunberri Travelers Building (2006-07-14)Original Source: Nasuvinsa, Navarra de Suelo y Vivienda S.A.

Lekunberri Station’s passenger building consists of two stories that have been meticulously restored and prepared for different uses. The lower floor houses the tourist office and the sale of local products. The second floor is devoted to exhibition space and a variety of uses.

Information at the station (2015-08-04)Spanish Railways Foundation

Lekunberri Station’s main passenger building also houses the Plazaola Tourist Consortium. It is undoubtedly one of the best-exploited stations in all of Spain’s greenways.

The wagon of games (2005-03-29)Spanish Railways Foundation

An old railway passenger car, which has been restored and placed in Lekunberri Station, now recalls the past and will be used for electric bike rental, a workshop and a sales outlet for local products.

Lekunberri Station’s Kantina

Lekunberri Station’s old warehouse is now another stopping place. Restored as a cafeteria and terrace, it invites new travellers and residents to discover this place. Nearby is a space providing bike rental and a transfer service.

A coffee in the Kantina (2016-11-17)Spanish Railways Foundation

A coffee in the Kantina brings to mind the longed-for Plazaola train. The interior decoration of the former station’s old warehouse constantly points to the old Plazaola railway, and the first steam trains that rode along its tracks.

Latasa Station

The old warehouse ("biltegia" in the Basque language) of Latasa Station in Imotz, Navarre, which was restored in 2019, is now an important services centre on the Plazaola Greenway and the European cycle route called EuroVelo1, which links with this point.

Latasa station1 (2019-12-18)Original Source: Plazaola Tourist Consortium

Latasa’s “biltegia” (warehouse) is now a specialised services centre that provides visitors with a restaurant, bar, shop selling local products, bike rental and repairs, in addition to a Nordic walking centre.

Auzokalte viaduct from the bottom of the valleyOriginal Source: Andoain Town Council

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This exhibition was made possible thanks to the TrailGazers project. It is funded by the Navarre Government’s Directorate General for Tourism, Commerce and Consumption, Nasuvinsa, Basquetour, Gipuzkoa Provincial Council and Plazaola Tourist Consortium. It forms part of the “Plazaola Digital” project, organised by the Spanish Railway Foundation (FFE). 

All pictures and videos have been provided by Nasuvinsa, Navarre Government, Andoain Town Council and FFE. The 360o recordings form part of the “Plazaola Digital” project. 

We would also like to thank Xabier Cabezón for his inspiring website web (CC-BY-NC-SA). 

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