25 Years of High Speed in Spain

Spanish culture and high speed: an exhibition for train and photography enthusiasts through the images of the contest "Caminos de Hierro"

By Spanish Railways Foundation

Spanish Railways Foundation

Speed [Caminos de Hierro] (2005/2005) by Inés CasanovasSpanish Railways Foundation

Culture and High Speed

To celebrate 25 years of high-speed railways in Spain, this exhibition brings together a selection of works relating to this mode of transport. They are the most representative entries from the "Caminos de Hierro" (Iron Roads) competition. Now in its 28th edition, this contest has long been a source of inspiration and creativity for train and photography enthusiasts.

The train travelling through time [Caminos de Hierro] (2002/2002) by Jose Manuel Sanchez BarradoSpanish Railways Foundation

The Train's Journey through Time (2002)

Joel's dream [Caminos de Hierro] (2004/2004) by Alfredo CálizSpanish Railways Foundation

Joel's Dream (2012)

Composition [Caminos de Hierro] (2005/2005) by José Santos MingotSpanish Railways Foundation

Composition (2005)

AVE [Caminos de Hierro] (2007/2007) by Emilio Barcos VaroSpanish Railways Foundation

AVE: Spain's High-Speed Train (2007)

The day I met you (memories in Polaroid) [Caminos de Hierro] (2010/2010) by José Ramón Luna de la OsaSpanish Railways Foundation

The Day I Met You (Polaroid Memories) (2010)

Trip to never again [Caminos de Hierro] (2014/2014) by Carlos González LópezSpanish Railways Foundation

Journey to Neverland (2014)

New horizons [Caminos de Hierro] (1991) by Francisco Javier Pastor MarugánSpanish Railways Foundation

New Horizons (1991)

Atocha station 1992 - AVE [Caminos de Hierro] (1993/1993) by Javier EstebanSpanish Railways Foundation

Atocha Station, 1992—AVE (1993)

Ave 10 [Caminos de Hierro] (1994/1994) by Lester Po Fun LeeSpanish Railways Foundation

AVE 10 (1994)

Landscape at 300 km/h [Caminos de Hierro] (1994/1994) by Vito RedaelliSpanish Railways Foundation

300 km/h Landscape (1994)

Santa Justa, number 2 [Caminos de Hierro] (1995/1995) by Francisco Ontañón NúñezSpanish Railways Foundation

Santa Justa, No. 2 (1995)

Platform 6 [Caminos de Hierro] (1996/1996) by Montserrat Pérez GómezSpanish Railways Foundation

Platform 6 (1996)

On the skin of the bird [Caminos de Hierro] (1999/1999) by Arturo Fernández RodríguezSpanish Railways Foundation

A Perspective of the AVE (1999)

Station 1 [Caminos de Hierro] (2000/2000) by Abilio LopeSpanish Railways Foundation

Station 1 (2000)

The Railway Blues: You're driving me crazy [Caminos de Hierro] (2004/2004) by Manuel Angel AlbarránSpanish Railways Foundation

Railway Blues: You’re Driving Me Crazy (2004)

The future is here [Caminos de Hierro] (2004/2004) by Iker Ramírez de la PiscinaSpanish Railways Foundation

The Future is Now (2004)

Reflexes [Caminos de Hierro] (2005/2005) by Enric FilellaSpanish Railways Foundation

Reflections (2005)

Speed [Caminos de Hierro] (2005/2005) by Inés CasanovasSpanish Railways Foundation

Speed (2006)

Untitled [Caminos de Hierro] (2008/2008) by Carlos Alba AparicioSpanish Railways Foundation

Untitled (2008)

Untitled [Caminos de Hierro] (2009/2009) by Recaredo Gil FernándezSpanish Railways Foundation

Untitled (2009)

Sants [Caminos de Hierro] (2011/2011) by Álvaro Sánchez MontañésSpanish Railways Foundation

Sants (2011)

By train I have [Caminos de Hierro] (2011/2011) by Carlos Garcia BarrioSpanish Railways Foundation

On the Train I Have (2011)

Arrivals [Caminos de Hierro] (2012/2012) by Francisco Reina ProcopioSpanish Railways Foundation

Arrivals (2012)

Looking at you ["Caminos de Hierro" photo contest] (2014/2014) by Cinta CazorlaSpanish Railways Foundation

Watching You (2014)

Birds [Caminos de Hierro] (2014/2014) by Diego Pedra BenzalSpanish Railways Foundation

AVEs: High-Speed Trains in Spain (2014)

High speed [Caminos de Hierro photo contest (2014/2014) by José GilSpanish Railways Foundation

High Speed (2014)

iOS tri-fold [Caminos de Hierro photo contest] (2014/2014) by Vicent Dosdá PerísSpanish Railways Foundation

iOS Triptych (2014)

Kisses [Caminos de Hierro] (2016/2016) by Carlos Giménez SáenzSpanish Railways Foundation

Kisses (2016)

Energies [Caminos de Hierro photo contest] (2016/2016) by Carlos Verdú BeldaSpanish Railways Foundation

Energy (2016)

Rail 1. Railways series [Caminos de Hierro] (2016/2016) by José Angel PalaoSpanish Railways Foundation

Rail 1. Railways Series (2016)

Credits: Story

This exhibition was created using a selection of photographs from the "Caminos de Hierro" (Iron Roads) competition, organized by the Spanish Railways Foundation's Cultural Department.

We would like to thank the artists featured in the exhibition, as well as all those whose participation has helped to enrich the competition over its 28 editions.

Photographic Competition "Caminos de Hierro"


Credits: All media
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