Subvertising refers to the process of subverting advertisements to spoof, parody, satirize and flip the meaning of messages found in commercial advertising.

Secrete Whites (2017) by grade 8 studentNever Gallery Ready (NgR)

Take Out a Full Page Ad

Students manipulate full page advertisements found in glossy magazines.

Enjoy Yopur Life as a Lady (2013) by grade 8 studentNever Gallery Ready (NgR)

This advertisement presents us with the idea that a lady is fragrant and calm like a meadow of flowers.

By replacing the image of flowers (something that smells good) with an image of garbage (something that smells bad), the artist is suggesting that the ideas the ad is selling are garbage.

The artist tells us to “enjoy your life as a lady” despite being given a bouquet of garbage.

So Sensitive (2016) by grade 8 studentNever Gallery Ready (NgR)

Neverending Challenge (2017) by Keith V., grade 11 studentNever Gallery Ready (NgR)

Heavy Load (2016) by grade 4 studentNever Gallery Ready (NgR)

The artist has used scale to demonstrate the labour imbalance and heavy burden that the diamonds jewelry industry places on developing nations.

And uses children trapped within the massive diamond rings to highlight child-labour and exploitation involved in producing the jewelry advertised.

Just Do It (2012) by grade 10 studentNever Gallery Ready (NgR)

Corporate Culture

Students question slogans and narratives presented to them by multi-national-corporations and their marketing strategies.

Live Young (2016) by grade 9 studentNever Gallery Ready (NgR)

In this collage, the artist has used juxtaposition to point out the very short life cycle of plastic packaging (of water) that ends up right back where it started.

Highlighting the contradictions in advertising lingo and real life impact of companies and their products.

Think Obsolete (2016) by grade 9 studentNever Gallery Ready (NgR)


Students react and respond to companies by manipulating and mocking their brand's logos and slogans.

Samsucks (battery life) (2016) by grade 9 studentNever Gallery Ready (NgR)

Snapchat (2016) by grade 9 studentNever Gallery Ready (NgR)

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Works in this exhibit were created in Toronto public schools with the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council.

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