Tequila Pueblo Mágico, its gastronomy and its people.

Tequila is a city in Jalisco known for being the place of origin of the famous distillate. But Tequila is also a "Magic Town" for its traditions, culture and gastronomy.

Tequila Pueblo Mágico (2021-01-01) by Mundo CuervoFundación Beckmann A.C.

What is a Magical Town?

The denomination of "Pueblo Mágico" is granted by the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico to those localities that keep alive their historical traditions, their legends and a valuable daily life due to their tourist attraction. They also symbolize the collective imagination and represent part of the history and identity of Mexicans.

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In the city of Tequila, the visitor can find landscapes that are Cultural Heritage of Humanity, an outstanding gastronomy, as well as experience moments of daily life marked by the production activities of the national drink, but also by music and Traditions of western Mexico such as the charreria and the marichi, also nominated as a cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

Gastronomía mexicana (2021-01-01) by Mundo CuervoFundación Beckmann A.C.


Tequila, as a representative city of Jalisco, offers the best of the state to its visitors, such as some of the typical dishes that are: "la torta ahogada" (the drowned bread whit meat), the meat in its juice, the "birria" and the "pozole". Its characteristics are reviewed below.

Torta ahogada (2021-01-01) by Mundo CuervoFundación Beckmann A.C.

Torta ahogada (the drowned bread whit meat)

One of the most representative dishes of Jalisco. It is a local bread, called "birote", or salt bread, which has an absorbent interior and a hard and crunchy crust.

This bread is cut in half and pork  “carnitas” and beans are added. It closes like a sandwich and is dipped in a spicy red sauce made from the Yahualica  chili, unique in Jalisco gastronomy. Once on the plate, the drowned bread is served with previously deflected sliced ​​onions; that is previously boiled and rested in lemon.

Carne en su jugo (2021) by Mundo CuervoFundación Beckmann A.C.

Meat in its juice

It is a broth with finely cut beef steak marinated in a mixture of lemon juice. It is prepared by frying bacon and in that fat the meat is cooked over low heat so that it releases its juice. When the meat is at its cooking point, broth is added. Traditionally, the meat in its juice is served with beans from the pot ( frijoles de la olla) , chopped onion and cilantro, lemon and corn tortillas

"Birria" (2021) by Mundo CuervoFundación Beckmann A.C.

Birria (young goat meat)

Birria is a dish that can be enjoyed in broth, in tacos or both at the same time. Its most traditional and original version is prepared with young goat meat, but it can also be made with lamb, beef and goat meat. The original recipe indicates that the meat is bathed with a sauce of cascabel and ancho chili peppers, tomato, garlic, cumin and other spices. Once marinated, it is left to marinate overnight in the refrigerator so that it absorbs all the ingredients well.

The cooking results in a delicious broth with meat so soft that it melts just by touching it. For this reason, it can be eaten as a kind of soup with meat or simply as birria tacos, which can be served with its own broth on the side.

"Pozole" (2021) by Mundo CuervoFundación Beckmann A.C.

Pozole ( Corn Broth)

Pozole is a dish that is prepared in different regions of the country, but the Jalisco style acquires a very special touch, since it is made with ground "chilacates peppers", which give it an irresistible flavor and an attractive red color. It is a broth whose main ingredient is white corn grains of a variety called cacahuazintle corn 

Traditionally it is prepared with pork, but it can also be with chicken or beef. Its preparation is done by boiling the corn until the grains open like a flower. In a separate pot the meat is cooked and once it is ready, this broth is added to the flowered corn. Ground chili peppers are added and seasoned with salt to taste.

Once served on the plate, lettuce, radish, chopped onion and lemon are added. Corn is the basis of Mexican gastronomy, which is why pozole is one of the most iconic dishes we have in the country and the favorite to celebrate any social event in Mexican families.

Canción "Angelitos Negros" interpretada por el Coro Infantil de Tequila (2016-12-01) by Fundación BeckmannFundación Beckmann A.C.

Traditions in Tequila

Singing, music, mariachi and charrería are living traditions in the city of Tequila and, of course, very high-quality interpreters and composers have emerged here that have given prestige and notoriety to Tequila Town. Among these are: Manuel Álvarez Renteria "Maciste", composer of the very famous song "Angelitos Negros", here performed by the Tequila Children's Choir.

Mariachi y Charrería (2021-01-01) by Mundo CuervoFundación Beckmann A.C.

The singer Matilde Sánchez Elías "La Torcacita" was also born in Tequila, one of the most famous interpreters of Mexican music and who stood out in the golden age of Mexican cinema. Another outstanding musician was Don Jesús Rodríguez de Hijar, artistic director of the Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán, a mariachi who has given great prestige to this type of ensemble and is considered the best mariachi in Mexico.

Mariachi en el corazón del Pueblo Mágico de Tequila (2021-01-01) by Mundo CuervoFundación Beckmann A.C.

Festival Cultural de Tequila (2013-06-06) by Fundación BeckmannFundación Beckmann A.C.

Tequila Cultural Festival

To show local families and tourists from around the world the best of Tequila's artistic creation, the Beckmann Foundation and Mundo Cuervo have offered the Tequila International Music Festival and Academy for more than 15 editions, events in which annually, artists of international stature come together to produce stage shows together with the most outstanding musicians and singers of Tequila

Tequila Music School

In 2004, at the initiative of the Beckmann Foundation, the Tequila School of Music was created to provide continuity and training for local talent through quality artistic education.

Ariadne Diaz, cantante originaria de Tequila, Jalisco (2021-01-01) by Fundación BeckmannFundación Beckmann A.C.

Throughout 16 years of operation, the school has been a source of talents that today shine internationally, continuing with their professional studies of music and singing in higher education schools in Mexico and abroad.

"Ópera Studio Beckmann" (2021-01-01) by Fundación BeckmannFundación Beckmann A.C.

Ópera Studio Beckmann

Since 2019, the "OPERA STUDIO BECKMANN" program is organized, under the sponsorship of the Beckmann Foundation, which aims to offer the young singers of our country a platform of education and promotion of the highest level.

Centro Cultural Juan Beckmann Gallardo (2021-01-01) by Mundo CuervoFundación Beckmann A.C.

Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center

Given the importance of tradition and the artistic talent of the Tequila community, the Beckmann Foundation and Mundo Cuervo have worked on the development of various cultural spaces  to integrate local culture into the region's tourist attractions such as the Cuervo Forum, the Hacienda Centenario and the Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center (CCJBG), among others

Jóvenes músicos y cantantes de la ciudad de Tequila (2021-01-01) by Fundación BeckmannFundación Beckmann A.C.

Traditional Festivals in Tequila

Every November 22, Tequila celebrates especially the Fiesta de Santa Cecilia, Patron Saint of musicians,  with a pilgrimage and popular festival with the participation of a large number of musicians from the city.

Juegos pirotécnicos en Tequila, Jalisco (2021-01-01) by Fundación BeckmannFundación Beckmann A.C.

Tequila's National Fair

It is held annually from November 29 to December 12. Among the most important activities of the fair are the coronation of the queen; exhibitions of the main tequila manufacturers, charrería practices; parade on opening day; cock fights; serenades with mariachis; fireworks and attractions fair for children

Carro alegórico en Fiestas Patronales de Tequila (2012-12-08) by Fundación BeckmannFundación Beckmann A.C.

Patron Saints Festivities

The patron saint festivities dedicated to the  "Nuestra Señora de la Concepción" Virgin coincide with the National Tequila Fair. Every day there are pilgrimages from the main street of Tequila to the temple of Santiago Apóstol.

Patron Saints Festivities

The main day of the patron saint festivities is December 8, the day of "Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception" Virgin, patron saint of Tequila. Folk dance ensembles and war bands are presented. The festivities conclude with the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe on December 12.

Tequila es más que destilerías (2018) by Fundación BeckmannFundación Beckmann A.C.

Thus, the city of Tequila shows that it is much more than distilleries, as it has a great variety of cultural expressions as well as being a true source of talents for the world. Considering the relevance of this talent, the Beckmann Foundation continues to work on raising the quality of education for the children and youth of Tequila.

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