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Introducing the Supe Valley

Many people are familiar with the Machu Picchu archaeological site, but far fewer know that evidence of the oldest-known human civilization in the Americas has been found on Peru's central coast, in the Supe Valley.   

Where is Supe Valley

The Supe Valley is located on the central coast of Peru, stretching inland from the Pacific Ocean. It is renowned as the home of the ancient Caral civilization, one of the oldest in the Americas.

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Sharing the stories

In March 2023, StoryCenter traveled to Supe Puerto to guide local residents through a week-long hands-on community storytelling workshop through the U.S. Community Heritage Exchange Initiative.

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Participants learned to craft, record, shoot, and edit short, personal stories from their lives.

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What sites are in the Supe Valley?

The group visited the archaeological sites of Caral, Aspero, and Vichama, and shared their knowledge of local history and mythology. The project was designed to honor the local communities that have contributed so much to the archaeological efforts in the Supe Valley.

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Listen to the stories

The stories are being shared to increase visits to the area and promote continued conservation. Listen to the stories of three community members.

At Home

by Lourdes Maria Huerta Silva de Peña

A Buried City

by Ana Maria Reyes Flores

The White Owl

by Milagritos Soledad Garcia Guardales

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