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By Google Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture - Throughout your day (27-07)

Whether you're having a lazy Sunday or a manic Monday, there's always time to fit some arty fun and fulfilment into your routine. 

Here's a round-the-clock guide to add cultural flair to your day.

09.00: Start your day by doing the Cultural 5

Whether you're commuting or cozying up on the couch, the Cultural 5 is a quick way to get your daily dose of arts and culture. In next to no time, you can discover Bauhaus, zoom in and tour Amy Sherald's iconic portrait of Michelle Obama, learn about Japanese food and much more.

After a busy (or relaxed!) morning, it's time for a coffee break...

12.00: Explore your favourite paintings over coffee

Chill out with an arty blend of coffee and culture by viewing one of thousands of 'gigapixel' reproductions of your favourite paintings. You can zoom in and explore in minute detail to discover Vermeer's brushstrokes whilst sipping.

What next? Lunchtime, of course!

13:00: Turn your lunch into a work of art

Google Arts and Culture has plenty of ways to explore culinary culture, but with the Art Transfer feature, you can also turn your own food into art. Ever wondered what your couscous would look like as a Kandinsky? Take a snap and enter the Camera Tab on the app to find out.

Got a moment to yourself in the afternoon? 

16:00: An afternoon at the Museum

Guided Street View tours allow you to wander the corridors of the world's best Museums, from the Rijksmuseum to the Met to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul.

It must be time to eat again by now...

19:00: Dinner inspiration from the world's culinary cultures

Pick a side in the Jollof Rice Wars with Come Chop Belleful, a celebration of Nigerian cuisine and culture, or sample a Bento Box to discover Japanese food history and find inspiration for your evening meal.

A busy day! Time to put your feet up, your headphones in, and chill out...

21:00: Tune in and chill out

Audio guides of your favourite paintings, from Modigliani to Yue Minjun, can help you chill out with culture in the evenings. You can also find your own cultural calm with Yo-Yo Ma's music and more in Culture of Comfort.

These are just a few suggestions. Visit Google Arts & Culture to choose your own cultural routine.

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